5 Ways to make sure your employees love coming to work

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In today’s job market, attracting and retaining top talent is at the forefront of every company’s mind. Employee turnover costs an outrageous amount in both time and manpower, but what if reducing the amount of turnover and creating an environment that makes sure your employees love coming to work, only took a few simple adjustments in your daily habits as a company? We’ve reviewed a list of America’s Top 100 Companies to Work for in 2018 and noticed a few trends in what makes their employees rave about their workplaces.


You likely can’t count the number of times you’ve heard an employee say, “I just want to know I’m making a difference.” It’s 2018. Employees realize that they are a dispensable asset for a variety of reasons, but what they really want to know, is that you don’t look at them as so. They want to know, not just hear you say, that their work has an impact on the world around them. Client-facing interactions are one of the easiest ways to give instant satisfaction in the “impact” department, but your unique business likely has a number of other ways you can provide this ultimate feeling of satisfaction to your employees that will have them loving their job in no-time. Impact can come in the form of what unique “super powers” that employee brings to the team and the company. Focusing their super powers towards actions that are for the good of the community or clients adds meaning.

Tasks that are meaningful

Hand-in-hand with impact, employees want to know they are spending their precious time away from home doing something that is worthwhile and meaningful. Nothing is more of a slap in the face than getting paid well to do a job that is well under your experience level, just because the company has failed to evaluate and adjust job roles in an adequate manner. Keep in mind, that even after job descriptions have been updated, it’s okay to flex tasks based on the expertise and strengths of your employees. In fact, doing so may actually remind your employee that they are a meaningful asset to your team.


From an employee perspective work takes dedicated effort, both physically and mentally, but outside the office walls, they have another set of obligations requiring their attention. Approach your employees and their time as a whole pie. Carefully analyze the amount of time, energy, effort, and work-related (but outside of work hour) obligations that could be vying for each slice of your employee’s time. Does your company recognize the amount of time required to excel as an employee at your company? How do those time requirements fit in the whole pie? Are your employees actually able to achieve success in both their professional and personal life? Making small changes that allow your employees the flexibility to do their best work for you, while also respecting their time away from work, is a sure-fire way to make your employees love their job.

Peer Relationships

One of the least suspecting attributes to an employee loving their job actually surrounds meaningful peer relationships. It makes sense though, especially if you have ever read company/job reviews online. Frequently seen under companies that have positive reviews are comments like, “The people here are great!”, “wonderful co-workers!” Employees who have a network of peers they trust are more likely to stick around and work hard for your company, and will love coming to work while they’re at it.

Believe in your employees

Oddly enough believing in your employees is something that is frequently overlooked, but can easily be adjusted in behaviors starting today. Your company hired these employees because you believe they are the best fit to achieve the desired business goals laid before them —– so believe that they can actually do it! Over the years it’s easy to become hardened by the constant churn of turnover, but making a conscious effort to view each employee as a wealth of worthy and untapped potential just may provide results beyond what you dreamed were wildly possible. Employees who are genuinely trusted to be the expert you hired them to be will love to stick around a company who values them so incredibly much.

Whether you believe your company has an environment that has employees craving to come to work or you’re looking to make some improvements, making any number of the adjustments above will put your company leaps ahead of your competitors. These small changes will have your employees loving coming to work in no time.


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