Are you making a list…checking it twice?

How personality impacts how you do the holidays

Personality drives how we think, make decisions and how we act.  You probably know all about this when it comes to relationships at home or at work.

Did you know that your personality impacts how you do the holidays, including what you enjoy and what you dread?

Are you making a list…checking it twice?

Or do you have 7 lists, 3 of which you can’t seem to find at the moment.

Or perhaps you are even saying, “what lists?”

The Patience drive measures our need for consistency or a process and whether we are deliberate and thoughtful in our action or we just hurry and go!

The Formality drive measures our need for structure and whether we need to be diligent and “get it right” or just wing it!

The office holiday party is coming up…which person are you?

Do you get excited for the holiday parties, or do you approach them with a little bit of dread? Which person are you at the holiday party – the social butterfly bouncing around, or the person who finds the people you know and talks to them in a corner?

The Extraversion drive measures our need for social interaction and whether we get our energy from socializing or it drains us in high doses.

It’s a friendly family game…do you have towin?

Or do you just hope everyone has fun and gets along?  Are you that family member who is about to be banned from the family games because you take it just a little too seriously and have to win?  ?

The Dominance drive measures our need for influence and to win and tells us whether we thrive on individual competition or we are all about team spirit.


Whatever your personality, whatever your “jam” is, enjoy your holiday season.  Find ways to energize your way and just do you!

Happy Holidays!

Written by: Amy Leslie

CEO of Perspective Consulting

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