Haley Grayless to join the Perspective Consulting team

Kansas City, MO., October 19, 2018

Haley Grayless will join the Perspective Consulting team to help clients make better hires and inspire their teams.

According to Haley, “I am excited about pursuing my passion for organizational development, team building, leadership coaching, and understanding personality types!”

Haley was most recently at the United Way of Greater Kansas City, where she helped build a great culture and led a team to raise donations that make our community a better place!

Haley will continue to make our community a better place, by helping leaders create great places to work for their people.  As a consultant, Haley will leverage her Master of Science in Organizational Development from Avila University, combined with her experience coaching individuals and teams.

“Haley’s passion and energy are contagious, and we are thrilled about working with her”, says Amy Leslie, CEO of Perspective Consulting.

About Perspective Consulting

Perspective Consulting transforms the way you inspire and influence people. Perspective Consulting teaches the science behind people’s behavior and decisions.  People drive business. We believe that when you understand and tap into what drives people, you inspire your employees and your customers — ultimately increasing growth.

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