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Perspective Consulting helps leaders like you achieve results by best-aligning talent with your business goals. 

People can be complex — learn how to decode them. When you’re able to see the hidden drivers people have, whether they’re prospects, clients, or employees, you’re able to understand how to influence and inspire them.

We train you on this new perspective, and then give you the tools to sell, communicate, hire, and lead better.


See beyond the resume. Use proven science to choose the right candidate for the job.


Build and mobilize teams towards achieving your business goals.


People should come with an instruction manual. We have it.


Empower your people to turn people insights into action.

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Whether you’re a small business or a Fortune 500 company it’s people that drive your business forward. Perspective Consulting has a right-sized solution for you. 

Expert Consulting

Based on our experiences in the trenches, we advise you how to leverage our scientifically validated tools and methodologies.


We teach you how to turn insights into actions when it comes to hiring, leading and selling.


Powered by The Predictive Index®, we equip our clients with the best world-class assessments available

Things People ask us...

  • One manufacturing client experienced a customer turnover reduction drop from almost 21% to 9%, well below the national norm of 12%-13% after implementing our methodology.
  • A retail franchise owner reduced employee turnover from 70% to as low as 32%, saving $15K per employee retained the first year.
  • A professional services organization’s sales team experienced a 21% increase in performance after benchmarking their top performing employees inside of PI.

Turnover is costly, period.  Poor hires and bad bosses account for a large portion of exits, period.  Ever wonder…were they dead when you hired them or did you kill them?

PI will help tackle both forces of ruin – poor hires and bad bosses. For our clients, just a small movement in their % turnover more than pays for PI. 

If you don’t know what it is costing you to do nothing, let’s crunch the numbers! Using your data, we can give you a solid estimate of what your turnover is costing you.

Talent optimization is an inside job!  The more leaders who gain insights from our tools and methods, the greater the impact we see on retention, leadership effectiveness, employee engagement and culture!  We help our clients create a customized plan to spread the language of PI throughout their organization.  We use webinars, workshops, and skill builders to create a shared language and to turn insights in to action.

Yes!  Customers are people too.  Most sales training programs are missing the “customer focus” in their approach.   Our Customer Focused Sales Training puts the customer at the heart of the approach, considering how your sellers sell and how and why different kinds of customers buy.


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