Keeping the human element alive

Our response to COVID-19

Just like that…the world changed.  The way we do business changed.  Our lives changed.  Our employees’ lives changed.

 Are you up for the challenge? 

Now is the time for leaders to rise-up and shine. 

Here are some tips for leaders to lead from a distance, while keeping your people inspired and productive:

Check on their emotional state frequently 

In times of uncertainty, your people’s response to crisis resembles the cycle of grief.  In fact, some psychologists are telling us that the discomfort we feel right now is “anticipatory grief”.  Use an anonymous poll at the start of your virtual meetings, or ask your people how they are feeling at the beginning of every 1:1 meeting. 

Dial up your self-awareness

Now more than ever, you need to be aware of your words, actions, and behaviors and their impact on others. 

Empower your people to optimize their own productivity

We need to be flexible.  People are juggling a great deal right now, and lead the human element.  Equip your people with tools, and do all you can to reduce frustration and distractions.  Help prioritize and focus on simple goals.

Understand how your people change

People with different personalities view change and move through the change process differently.

Connect appropriately

Build rituals of communication and collaboration, being mindful of who your people are and their level of expertise they have currently in carrying out their job duties.  Be mindful of who your extraverts are who need space for social interaction and brainstorming.  Be mindful of those with less extraversion needing agendas and time to reflect before sharing ideas in a group.

Give them feedback

Clear accountability is kind. 

Keep a pulse on
employee engagement

How people are experiencing you, their job, their teams will influence their engagement level, and productivity.  Work on your 1:1 relationships and focus on your team culture.  Remember that work is not a “place” and “teams” are built on human connections and relationships.  Take this time to connect with your people.

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