Make Great Hires

Chances are, by utilizing the power of the Predictive Index, you could do better. 

Most of us rely on gut instinct when hiring and wind up paying the price.


of new hires fail within the first 18 months.


of job seekers said the number one frustration during the job search is the lack of response from employers.


of hires quit in the first 90 days.​

Stop relying on your gut instinct.

There is a better way.

Put some science behind your hiring process.​

Using talent optimization and the Predictive Index assessment platform, you can tap into the power of predictive analytics to determine whether a candidate has the needed behavioral traits and cognitive ability to do your job. Leverage the wisdom of others who’ve hired similar roles and apply your customizations. 

This proven, strategic hiring methodology is the best way to predict how a candidate will think and work to ensure job fit.

Custom Job Targets

Know who you’re looking for before they step into your office for an interview. Start by defining job requirements. The PI software guides you through setting behavioral and cognitive Job Targets.

Match Score Saves Time

Cut down the time it takes to screen candidates. As they complete their PI Behavioral Assessment™ and PI Cognitive Assessment™ they’re assigned a Match Score from 1-10. The best fits for the role float to the top of the list.

Interview Guide

To bring structure to your interviews, the Interview Guide shows you how a candidate’s behavioral drives and needs align to the the target you have set. Use the recommended questions to probe for gaps and to confirm fit.

Find out how to up your hiring game.

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