June 22, 2020

Amy Leslie, CEO

Perspective Consulting, Inc.



Perspective Consulting and Park University Business Leadership Institute launch an online leadership development cohort




Kansas City, MO: Perspective Consulting, in partnership with Park University, is launching an online, virtual, hands-on leadership development program.   The program will focus on equipping leaders with critical skills to be resilient, inspiring leaders. 

“Recently, we have been called upon to step up our leadership game.  This program will help leaders at all levels sharpen their skills and increase their power of influence, ultimately giving them more impact and fostering a workplace of happy humans.  I’m excited to leverage this partnership to build a community of leaders who inspire!” says Amy Leslie, CEO of Perspective Consulting.

Leaders who enroll in this program will learn:

  • to understand themselves and others to get more impact
  • critical skills that increase their power of influence
  • what it takes to be an agile, resilient leader
  • how to be a better leader who inspires people

The course will include 4 virtual, live, interactive sessions via Zoom and a 1:1 executive coaching session.

“This program will provide leaders power and foundation skills to guide their teams through these uncertain times.  These skills will impact their professional and personal life.  Leaders have stepped up and inspired their teams to be agile the last few months.  Now is the time to build their skills to make sure their work is sustainable and their teams remain strong.  We are thrilled to partner with Perspective Consulting to bring this important leadership development program to our network.” says Dr. Katie Ervin, Associate Vice President of Academic Operations at Park University.

About Perspective Consulting: Perspective Consulting believes that people drive business.  The firm guides leaders toward success through people, by aligning business strategy with talent optimization.  Amy Leslie and her team of consultants teach leaders to build their power of influence, so they can be leaders who inspire.

About Park University:  Park University’s Professional and Workforce Development programs promotes the development of people and organizations by providing learning opportunities for professional growth, career advancement, and to enrich the lives of community members. Professional education and workforce development leverages expertise within and outside Park University to provide meaningful and innovative courses and programs. 

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