The Most Important Thing You Will Ever Learn About Sales

Working in sales can be an endlessly ruthless career, but we’re here to share with you the single most important thing you will ever (ever!) learn about sales. Whether you’re new to the gig of sales or a well seasoned sales veteran, you have likely endured your fair share of sales trainings.

While sales training is essential to learn the products and your company’s preferred sales methods, there is one thing you can learn today that will impact your sales career forever. The most important thing you will ever learn about sales is that it isn’t about you!

Literally no part of the sales process is about you. None. Zilch.

The only part of sales that involves you is your ability to adapt your process on the fly, so that it turns around and is about “them.”

Turn your sales cycle around

Salespeople have a tendency to rush or slow down the sales cycle by not making sure they are confirming the client is on the same page.  There are critical milestones that keep us both on the same page, making for a better experience for all parties. Ensure your pace matches as closely as possible with the desired pace of your customer.

The customer’s perspective is golden

So many salespeople are so focused on what they are saying and forcing the next steps of their process, that they forget that the only perspective that matters when influencing is the customers. A customer-focused sales approach is the only one that works.

Only one true decision maker

Beyond the sales cycle process there is only one person who is the true decision maker — and it’s not you (the salesperson). You can give your best pitch ever, methodically run through every detail of your trained sales methods, offer the most compelling deal ever, but ultimately it’s all up to the customer.

Truly understand your customer

Obviously we’re huge proponents of the Predictive Index and the powerful insights it give us into the uniqueness of others, but when it comes to sales and our customers, those insights give us an advantage over our competitors. It allows us to act, react, and engage with others in the way that works best for them. It gives us a chance to provide a personalized sales experience that centers on the customer.

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